Uncovering 10 DIY Diamond Painting Kits Collection

You will find end number of blogs mentioning what is Diamond Painting? The best diamond DIY kits? What if full drill painting and partial drill painting?

We thought that’s equally important to have a panoramic view of the kind of collection one can choose to diamond paint. It’s a real blessing to have ample of choices in accordance to likes, dislikes, hobbies, quirks, profession and nature of an individual. To many this world of art is unknown, there is one kit for everyone to explore!

So, gear up and immerse in the collections of diamond painting art with awe and wonder!  

1) Animals you Love – Pets and wildlife

Animal Diamond Painting

A collection offering an array of animal diamond painting kits. One can choose horse painting kit representing success and strength or mysterious cats and kittens DIY painting kits or something that reminds of the bond you share with your dog. Well, even pictures and canvases of zebra, panda, lion, elephant and foxes are in big demand.

2) People and Places – Famous personalities, sky scrapers, cities and monuments

Marilyn Monroe Diamond Painting

In love with classic Marilyn Monroe photographs or reminiscing your last summer Paris travel?  Kits of actors, sportsman, leaders, places, city life and skylines are in abundance. A diamond painting project, an unforgettable piece of art that connects to your heart. Bring 7 wonders of the world at your home!

3) Heaven on Earth – Nature, Mountains, Oceans, Countryside, Sunsets

nature landscape painting

Nature lovers you can find breathtakingly gorgeous mountain peak, burning crimson sunsets and serene forest trails in diamond painting kits.  Well, we can’t always be near our most loved waterfall or cherish the calmness of desert and relax near a beach but we can always remind ourselves of God’s bounty through these pictures.

4) Words of Strength – Inspiring quotes for life, famous people’s quote unquote  

 quotes paintings

Words are an accurate tool to uplift your day and brighten your life! We all have a quote or saying that has struck with us. No matter how blue you feel, these words heals! Checkout collection of quotes and signage.  

5) Romanticism – Expression of love, romance and passion

Old couple painting

Bring some spark to your bedroom with romantic diamond painting art. A couple walking hand in hand or an embellished heart or a lady waiting for her beloved with a wine glass. There are variety of DIY kits to play with and an opportunity to express!

6) Mysterious Spiritual Quest – spirit animals, mandala, dream catchers

Dreamcatcher painting

We all want to be something more than what we are. That’s the beginning of a spiritual quest and there are few who consciously wants to explore spiritual dimension. Seekers can choose mandala, dreamcatchers, fairies and mystical dreams initiate their journey of diamond painting.  

7) Quirky Nerdy Interests – Music, Space, Food and Lighthouses

We are in billions with different hobbies!  While there are communities and groups for quirky interests to feel fulfilled. Are you fascinated by trains or obsessed with lighthouses or a food lover? Indulge in diamond art to revive.

8) Cartoon Character Turned Alive

Every child  is intrigued by cartoons. Right? There are even adults who have a childlike fascination and admiration for their favourite cartoon character. Keep fun alive in your life by painting Weenie and the Pooh, dragons, Aladdin and Jasmine and famous Disney characters. One of the most loved cartoon collection to look at!

9) Fantasy Land – Mystical animals, places and characters

Are you a fan of Harry Potter, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, Lord of the Rings and Narnia? Good news you love fantasy and dreams like many of us! To let your imagination run wild try out diamond painting fantasy collection kits. Give mystical characters like mermaids, dragons and fairies painting kits a magical whoosh of life!

10) Abstract is no Joke!

abstract painting

To an artist Abstract art is the most unadulterated form of self-expression. Highly creative people have a refined taste and an eye to interpret artist’s muse. My dear layperson not to worry! There is no right or wrong, bad and good, this way or that way in art. You can have your naive perspective and won’t be judged.  Abstract diamond painting collection is swamping online art stores and in high demand. Worth a try!

A complete showstopper in collections is Customized kits! Whether you want to gift your wedding picture as an anniversary gift to your wife? Or appreciate your friend’s success with a personalized gift or uniquely congratulate someone for baby’s arrival. Customized diamond painting kits is your destination! There are art stores offering this service, all they need is a picture, specific size and voila! Your canvas will be shipped and ready to experiment!

There are few other collections which isn’t covered for two reasons 1) The collection has few choices to explore 5D diamond painting art 2) Maybe I forgot

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