Paint with Diamonds – My Very Own Experience & Review for Painting with Diamond

Paint with Sparkling Diamonds

Diamond Painting is a new rage today among artists, crafters & influencers. I know ‘Paint by Diamond’ seems to be an expensive affair because of a ‘big D word’ Diamonds in it. I do understand many of us who just want to pick up diamond Painting as a hobby feels cheated. Common! Who can afford diamonds right?

Painting with Diamonds actually means painting with crystals or rhinestones. I swear by this art because it’s one of the best hobbies to inculcate! The coolest thing about this craft is that even an amateur can create the finest pieces of art. Feeling artsy make me want to create a mosaic effect diamond painting? Or Need to immerse into a calm state after a long tiring day? No wonder we all can’t be Picasso or M.F. Hussain but we can learn & enhance our left brain. Anyways, our world needs creativity!

There are two kinds of diamond painting available

  • Square drill: Perfect fix square facets for a neat, mosaic painting look, with no trace of preprinted design & colour.
  • Round drill: Pleasurable, fun, artistic experience because it’s easy for the beginners to arrange delicate diamond pieces, more diamond facets with a lot of shine and sparkle.

Who Needs to Try This Trending Art?

  • People who thrive on learning, be it a hobby or a life skill or a life experience
  • Artist, Crafters & Amateurs
  • Folks who face difficulty in focusing and channelizing their energy
  • Individuals who want to try their hands on a fresh hobby with no strings attached in a matter of place & time
  • Anyone and everyone who want to sharpen their cognitive skills & creative brain
  • For people embarking on a spiritual journey

A Beginners Way of Diamond Painting

I discovered at a tender age that drawing, sketching and painting are not one of my strong suits. So, I kind of distanced myself & purely dreaded this enchanting art. Every individual on Earth goes through a palette of emotions like sadness, happiness, frustration, fear and love. We all know the benefits of being calm, meditative and patient mind but how often we have a sense of losing control over our lives. Similarly when I thought my life felt interesting and monotonous I wondered about experimenting. My keenness and initial enthusiasm to bring that spark in my days I happened to search for an easy, affordable hobby to indulge in. After, pondering over a list of leisure activity I shortlisted paint with diamonds.

At first I wasn’t sure, it was the best idea but I was dedicated like’ Po’ in Kung Fu Panda to bring change, gathered a few easy painting ideas for beginners, surfed How to do the diamond painting? & bought a reasonable DIY diamond paint art to explore my hidden artistic talent.

My Paint With Diamond Review – Why I love this art?

Paint with diamonds

On a Sunday sunny morning I gathered all my supplies, few art ideas & watched couple diamond painting tutorials on YouTube. My initial zeal was now overshadowed by discomfort as I realized I have to patiently arrange these enchanting diamond-like stones & create a piece of art.

My art weapons included

  • Applicator tool
  • Dazzling diamonds
  • Wax tub
  • The piece of printed cloth

I got on with my new mission at first it was tedious, sticky, time taking process. It wasn’t a love-at-first-sight my love for diamond painting grew deeper with time. Eventually, with many trials I figured out how much I enjoyed in immersing in an activity. Trust me once you get a knack of it there is no stopping. The same sticky, tedious process will turn into a fun, meditative process.

It definitely helped me to be focused, calm & pleasant. My energies were channelized to a productive outlet. I started exploring my spiritual dimension, this is how I meditated by trying new D.I.Y paint with diamonds kit.
In my experience diamond painting is a worth a try. You will be surprised and proud of the beautiful end product. It’s an easy, fun & relaxing activity!

One can find their very own paint with diamonds kit online or from art and craft stores and start experimenting with this uniquely satisfying art. There is a kit made for every one of us. Floral, unicorns, Disney cartoons, dream catchers, landscape and many more designer kits available for your new hobby. Also, a little research will prove helpful in selecting a doable diamond painting D.I.Y kit to start with. Reviews on paint with diamonds available on the internet are quite informative for beginners.

Exhibit Your Artistic pieces

  • Spice up your home and office decor by flaunting your exquisite art piece with intricate designs.
  • Make your boring diaries lively by creating your up personal diary cover
  • A heartfelt gifting solution during Festivals
  • You can create your customized wallet
  • A fashionable laptop pouch

This was my perspective for a newly discovered interest. I will be glad to know yours too!

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