5D Diamond Painting which Speaks Thousand Words

5D diamond painting is a new hype but did you know this art has deep rooted foundation. It is an age old art which is getting noticed due to its rising popularity amidst artists and crafters. It’s super easy and fun activity which you can indulge in, anywhere anytime. One needs minimal crafting abilities to activate your creativity!

What is 5D Diamond Painting?

  • 5D paint with diamonds involves a beautiful technique of patterns, by dividing the picture into patterns. In a way making your D.I.Y project 100 times easier and enjoyable. There are tons of unique diamond painting kits available in the market. These kits have everything you need to create a stunning piece of creativity. One gets a high quality pre printed fabric sheet, rhinestones (opaque) or crystals (translucent), applicator, craft tray, red wax with 5D painting instructions. These rhinestones are given codes which are even mentioned on the preprinted image.  Follow the instruction guide step by step and your masterpiece will be ready! These 5D diamond painting kits comes in different sizes, pictures and price point. Choose as per your will without fussing about money. There are two types of drills to work with Square drills and round drills.

Painting Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Take Baby Steps: Well, in Paint with Diamonds size of a picture do matter. The bigger the size of an image, higher the resolution. Beginners are beginners for a reason right? They are exploring a new hobby or an art for the very first time. Everyone has a different personality and perspective so it’s a wise choice to choose a smaller size preprinted fabric. So, then you can decide according to your happiness meter to go ahead with this intriguing hobby or leaving it for good.
  • Organize Organize: Diamonds or drills are the hero of 5D diamond painting and the problem is it’s not one hero or two heroes we are dealing with. They are too many to be kept and one can’t afford to handle them lousily. It’s best you manage these little shiny beads in a craft organizer container for a stress free art and craft experience. You can also use cheap pill boxes rather than investing in an expensive, fancy organizers.
  • Smart Start: As, a beginner you will wonder where to start painting your canvas. Whether from bottom to top or top to bottom of the picture? The answer is whatever seems comfortable to you. Usually artists and professionals starts from the top right side corner or top left hand side corner, depending on they are right handed or left handed.  
  • Checkerboard Pattern: One technique which is a complete game changer while painting with square diamonds or drills is checkerboard. Sticking diamonds in a checkerboard fashion keeps rhinestones arranged in a perfect line without any hassles. Diamonds clicking with each other generates a gratifying symphony for art lovers.
  • Give Your Craft Tray a Shimmy: Think about you are all enthusiastic about your craft work and hours after you realize you have spent maximum amount of time in arranging rhinestones on the craft tray. Such a waste of time! Here is a funny way to perk up your mood, just give your art tray a shimmy and there you will get well behaved, well arranged rhinestones.
  • Upside Down Pen or Applicator: You will notice that applicator on the other side have an arrangement to pick 4 to 12 diamonds at a time. This is a real time saver if you notice an entire section requires a particular color diamonds or drills.  
  • Cover it Up: Remember to always cover your diamond painting after you’re to keep your canvas adhesive intact. Tactfully work on the canvas try to go section wise instead of trying it all together. Make sure not to uncover the protective paper from the picture to avoid mess.
  • Clarity with Light Pad: If you are a craft enthusiast light pad is one of your best friend. Purchase an inexpensive light pad to work on your pieces during evenings for clarity and visibility.  Variety of light pads are there to choose from.
  • Red Wax Vs. Blu-Tack: Many professionals believe blu tac works more efficiently than red wax. It sustains longer & gives a super easy grip over the little sparkly diamonds.
  • Second Chances with Diamonds: Now, sometimes unconsciously you place a diamond at a wrong place. Not to worry there are second chances. You can just slide around the drill to the required space.

Why 5D Diamond Painting is the Best?

Folks who are determined to pick art as a hobby for a creative outlet definitely needs to give it a try. All you have to do is stay relax, follow the instructions and play! You won’t find getting overwhelmed to choose colour combination because dear crafters it’s already taken care off!

Have a Happy Crafting!

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